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R&D Center

Our technical center comprises a microbiology laboratory and a physical and chemical laboratory, with a total investment of RMB 20 million. It complies with national technical center standards and can conduct comprehensive testing for all projects. For domestically sold products, we perform pre-shipment tests for coliforms, total bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, salt, amino acid nitrogen, reducing sugar, moisture, ash, acid insoluble ash, total nitrogen, total acid, and other parameters. For exports to South Korea and European Union countries, we primarily test chili pepper color value, spiciness, salt content, ripeness, and protease activity, as well as the presence of pesticide residues, ochratoxin, aflatoxin, coliforms, pathogenic bacteria, and Bacillus cereus to ensure strict adherence to export standards.

Microbiology Laboratory

미생물실험실은 주로 검측기기인 고압멸균솥, 무균실, 초정화작업대, 생화학배양상자, 현미경 등을 검측하는데 주로 제품의 미생물지표 (세균총수, 대장균군, 발병균 등) 를 검측하는데 사용되며 미생물검측도 작업장의 생산과정중의 위생상황을 감시하는 의거이다.

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